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This is an Cecil Aldin antique print from the 1930 Book 'Black Beauty'. Cecil Aldin – Cecil Aldin is best knows for his illustration of dogs, horses, and hunting scenes.

It is good for anyone who loves horses, and heart wrentching stories. While forthrightly teaching , it also teaches how to treat people with kindness, sympathy, and respect. Poor gentleman; I read all about it in the paper at the time. He spoke not a word; the doctor went into the house with him, and Joe led me to the stable.


He would pat and stroke her and say, “Well, old Pet, and how is your little Darkie?€ I was a dull black, so he called me Darkie; then he would give me a piece of bread, which was very good, and sometimes he brought a carrot for my mother. With this treatment I soon regained my spirits; but Mr.

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How their mother licked them, and how troubled she was, poor thing! A few heartbreaking stories are told here, but the positive, encouraging message BLACK BEAUTY, with the help of some of her friends and acquaintances, narrates her own life story in this absolute gem of a children’s classic. I soon recovered my feet and limped to the side of the road, where it was free from stones.

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Joe turned my head, and the next moment we were going at a round gallop toward the house of the master brick-maker. At the new place there will not be a soul that I shall know. I dare not go forward, and I made a dead stop. €œGo on, Beauty,” said my master, and he gave me a touch with the whip, but I dare not stir; he gave me a sharp cut; I jumped, but I dare not go forward. €œThere’s something wrong, sir,” said John, and he sprang out of the dog-cart and came to my head and looked all about. He gave me a good feed of oats and stood by while I ate it, talking to himself and talking to me.

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I put my nose up to him, and tried to say that we were friends. Beauty is at peace, saying that often now, before he becomes fully awake, he feels like he is again under the trees of the orchard, standing contentedly with his old friends and talking with them. When we were nearly at the spot the pony put down his head and threw up his heels, and sent the boy neatly over into a broad quickset hedge, and with the rein dangling from his head he set off home at a full gallop.


As for Merrylegs, he and I soon became great friends; he was such a cheerful, plucky, good-tempered little fellow that he was a favorite with every one, and especially with Miss Jessie and Flora, who used to ride him about in the orchard, and have fine games with him and their little dog Frisky. When he is two years old, Beauty witnesses a hunting party going after a hare and the tragic death of one of the riders in a fall from his horse.

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As an autobiography written by a horse and told from his point of view, it was indeed an original and unique concept for the time. Then he gave me a pailful of water to drink; it was cold and very good, and I drank it all; then he gave me some hay and some corn, and thinking he had done right, he went away.

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Why, only the other day I heard our master say to Mrs. Now, I am not complaining, for I know it must be so.